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Was the Victorian age a Golden Age or a Dark Age?


Open the presentation below and follow these instructions:


Play the presentation - this is a slow reveal of parts of the artefact from the Victorian era.

On slide 2 what can you see? What is this artefact?

On slide 3 what more can you see? Why has this artefact been made?

On slide 4 what do the numbers at the bottom of the artefact mean?

On slide 5 this is the complete artefact. When it was made it was to done to celebrate a special occasion. Why has the manufacturer chosen to use these images?


Make notes to the answers of to these questions as you go along.


Now look at slide 6. This poster was produced to celebrate 3 major achievements in Great Britain during Queen Victoria's reign. What do you think they thought were the most important achievements?


Now reveal the images. The pictures on the left were pre-Victorian and those on the right were at the end of Victorian era. 


Do you think that Victorian times were celebrated by everyone as a good thing?


Now look at slide 7 and make a list of the things that were good and bad in Victorian times. Conclude your list by completing the sentence: I think that the Victorian ear was good / bad (choose the one you think) because ...

End of Unit Assessment

Look at the enclosed image and write down all the clues you can find that tells you that it was from Victorian times.