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Victorian Climbing Boys


Run the slide show on the presentation enclosed and do a 'slow reveal' for slide 2 (pressing the forward arrow will slowly reveal more of the picture). Click on the green shape first, then the blue and then the orange


What do you think is going on in the picture? What do you notice?


Now look at slide 3. What is the message behind this slide and for whom is it intended?


What was it like?


On the presentation enclosed there are several resources which give clues as to what life was like for Victorian Children working as climbing boys.


Using the evidence on the slides, choose which slides best support the statements on the Climbing Boys RS1 enclosed.

Is the evidence reliable?


Look at the following pieces of evidence: the Poem (Evidence slide 18); William Cooper's testimony (Evidence slides 8 & 9); the Census (Evidence slides 12 & 13) and the Pamphlet (Evidence slide 14).


Think about reasons why the evidence may or may not be reliable and make notes on the Climbing Boys RS4 enclosed.