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We have now completed all the Spreadsheet lessons this term, but not everyone completed the treasure map last week (example 3) and added their own items or did the Birds Data or Car Data challenges the week before. Please check your comments from me and then see your 2Dos. You could also try some of the examples others have left on the display board. 

If you complete the above and hand them in, I'd then like you to complete your web page from last term and add it to the Year 3 display board (there are only 2 so far!)

Finally, if you still have any other time left, there are still some coding challenges in your 2Dos you might not have had time to complete....this will test your memory, as this was our first unit in Year 3! Good luck...I look forward to seeing your work on the display board.smiley


Please see the class blog for a message about trying other spreadsheets. There is now a class folder which you could look in later to try (hopefully, it will be possible!)