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Good Morning!

Task Instructions

We've been doing lots of work on our story of 'The Stone Trolls'. 

(1) Today, we will first of all be revisiting what happens in the story and how it explains where the rocks on the beach came from. Re-watch the youtube video below - I have also provided the story as a text.

(2) Then, we will be thinking about writing a new version of the story.  The trolls are hiding from people and are warned not to go outside in the daylight as they will be turned to stone.  They ignore this warning! There are other interesting things on the land that you could pretend were once trolls that tried to help people but were caught out when the sun came up.  So, you are going to follow the same story pattern as 'The Stone Trolls' but with different characters and objects. See the first page of the resource below, called 'Write your Own Troll Story Ideas and Planning'.

(3) Look at Pages 2 and 3 to see some ideas and how to use the same 'plot pattern' with a new story idea. 

(4) Now plan your own story! You can use the story ideas suggested or one of your own. Use the planning template on the 4th page to do this. Today, you just need to do the planning and you will need this for tomorrow when you can write your story.

Happy planning!


The Stone Trolls