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Look at Slides 2 to 5 on the Presentation. This will give some background into the improvements and opportunities the move to trains from horse and carriage brought during Victorian Times.


Now read Slide 6 then look at the cartoons on Slide 7 & 8 which show why some people were scared of travelling by train.


Now read Slides 9 & 10 to see what other reasons that people were scared about the coming of the railway age.


Next look at Slide 11 and think about whether these groups of people would have been in favour or against the coming of the railways, use Good thing about the railways resource to help you.


Finally, sort the cards on the Pros and Cons resource into Pros (reasons in favour of the Railways) and Cons (reasons against the Railways); ranking them from strongest to weakest. You could add any of your own reasons as well (the blank cards).