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Week Beginning 24th January 2022

Forest School

During Forest School this week, we will be having a look at birds we find in our gardens and helping record the number and type of bird that we see.  This will be recorded with the RSPB. 


Have a look at their website for ideas on how to do this and activities that you can do. 

Monday Handwriting

Have a dough or pom pom or ribbon disco.  Exercise your hands, arms and fingers and practise making shapes in the air. When you are warmed up for handwriting, have a go at writing the capital letter G. Remember to hold your pencil correctly - nip, flip, grip!

Tuesday R.E.

This afternoon we continue our learning about Celebrations, by listening to the story of the Chinese New Year; which this year takes place next Tuesday on 1st February.

Can you remember the order that the animals finish the race?

Today we are reading the story 'Lost & Found'.  Listen to the story on you tube or read the book if you have it at home. The Antarctic is at the South Pole, at the opposite end of the Earth to the Arctic or North Pole that we learnt about last week. The task today is to design a boat that you could sail in to get to the South Pole.


Use the photos, powerpoint and video to look at different designs and what shape your boat will need to be.  Will it have flag, a place to sleep, etc?


Draw your boat  and label it.  You could also write a sentence about your boat. 



Wednesday Literacy

Can you make a 'lost' poster for the lonely penguin?  Draw a picture of the penguin and write a sentence or words to describe him.  Here are some ideas.

'The penguin is black and white'.  'He has a stripy umbrella.' 

Use the sounds and tricky words that you have learnt to spell your words.  Remember to have a finger space between each word. 




Choose your favourite page from the story and draw a picture.  Write about the picture. 

Wednesday Handwriting

Thursday Music

Listen to Vivaldi's Winter.  Talk about the instruments and what you can hear from the music.  Watch the videos and read through the fact file together. 


Using instruments from home (you can make shakers or use containers and wooden spoons, etc), create your own winter music.  You can record it and put it on Tapestry if you want to. Have fun!

Never Giving Up

Learning Intention: I can tell you about a time I didn’t give up until I achieved my goal.


Read the story The Hare and the Tortoise. 


Ask children to think of something they have done that they found tricky to start with but with practice and never giving up they managed to do it. Provide a couple of examples like learning to walk, riding a bike.

Questions: What have you found tricky to do? How did you manage to do it?


Allow the children to express their experience of never giving up. As each child shares their experience, elaborate more on the process involved of always trying, keep practising and never giving up until you can do it.