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Friday 14th January 2022


Please make sure that you are up to date with the previous two activities on The Girl and the Robot before completing the following task.  Even if you've been in school, check the tasks as we have not necessarily been working at the same pace in school as at home.


Once you're up to date with those tasks have a go at these ones all about tenses.  Look through the PowerPoint first to remind yourself all about tenses and then see if you can complete the three sheets (the answers are at the end of the document so you can mark your work afterwards).  If you can't print these out at home, then simply copy the sentences out with the missing/changed words onto paper.


If you complete the sheets quickly then have a go at the SPAG mat too!


Have fun.  


Mrs Roberts :) 

Thursday 13th January 2022


Please follow the PowerPoint below for instructions on today's lesson.


Wednesday 12th January 2022

Today's focus: Prediction 


What do you imagine a story with the title 'Girl and Robot' will be about?


On a piece of paper make 3 predictions about what you think would happen in a story of this name.


Watch the first 13 seconds of the following film (don't be tempted to watch any more!).

Look back at the predictions you made.  Are you going to stick with them?  Have you got some different predictions now?  Write down any new predictions.


Continue watching until you reach 47 seconds (don't go any further!).


Do you still have the same predictions?  Anything else changed?  Write down any new predictions you may have.


Start the film again from the beginning and watch it until 3 minutes 8 seconds (again don't go any further).


Now on your piece of paper, write as many questions as you can think of about the film e.g. Where are her parents? Why is she building it? Why isn't she at school?


Now watch the film again, but this time all the way to the end.


What do you think happens between the girl falling on the floor and waking up?  Write it down.


We will continue working on this tomorrow!  If you want an extra task you could research into steam powered machinery.

Tuesday 11.1.22


Today's task is all about writing in a chosen genre, following on from our work on genres last week.


1. Choose one of the following genres:

  • fantasy
  • fairy tale
  • ghost story


2. Write a short story - no more than 2 sides long - in the style of one of these genres.  Your story must include the following three things: a pebble, a frog and a window.


Have fun! :) 



Monday 10.1.22


Today's lesson is our spelling lesson.  See if you can give yourself a spelling test on last week's spellings - the long /a/ sound spelt 'ei' and 'eigh'.


See below next week's spellings, the word search and and PowerPoint about next week's spellings - the long /a/ sound spelt 'ey'.