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Today we will continue learning about 'Spreadsheets'.

Please work through the following powerpoint 'Advanced mode and cell addresses' found below.

You will need to login to your purple mash account.

On slide 5, launch example 1 and have a go; before revealing the answer. Then try  example 2 which is set as a 2Do. Please then try making your own (with a new 2calculate file from the tools area) and save onto the Year 3 display board for others to try.

Slide 6 explains example 3, which is also set as a 2Do. Remember to use a capital letter for the cell address.

Slide 7 explains how you can add more items to the map, if you have time. Again save it to the display board and others can try to solve it.

Well done! It will be good if you could 'Hand in' your work with a comment for me to see. smiley