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10th - 14th January 2022 Home Learning 'Winter Week'


Spring term

Wednesday 12th January

Today we continue learning about Christianity, but our focus will be 'Jesus as a friend'.

We read the story 'Say Hello' by Jack and Michael Foreman, which is about someone being left out. (Please use this link

Think how you could have shown friendship to the character who is left out and how to make them feel included. Draw a picture with speech bubbles of what could be said.


Think of things that a good friend does and does not do. Please write in sentences.


Then think whether it is always easy to show friendship and when it might be difficult to be a good friend. Again, please write in sentences. Thank you.

Autumn Term

Having learned about the Christmas story from the bible. On the afternoon of Wednesday 1st December, the children retold the story and then concentrated on the gifts that were given to the baby Jesus. We then thought 'What gifts might Christians in my town have given Jesus if he had been born here rather than in Bethlehem?'

Would they give a sheep, gold, frankincense or myrrh? 

Please think of your ideas - draw/label a picture of the gifts.


Wednesday 8th December

Today, we retold the Christmas story using the bible as a support. 

We then discussed 'Why do Christians believe Jesus is a special gift from God to the world?' We reminded ourselves about the topic of Creation from last term and suggestions were made of helping others and looking after the world. What other thoughts do you have?

Then, if you would like to, think and draw what gift you would give the baby Jesus if He was born near here yesterday and why? 


The children also practiced the letter 's' in their handwriting and the following phonics in their groups (review of phase 2 and 3, blending cvcc words - milk, hand, lump and tent, reading phase 4).


Thank you,

Mrs Spong