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Cheapside CE

Primary School

'Achieving Our Best, In Thought, In Word, In Deed'

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Mission Statement


Cheapside CE Primary School

'Achieving Our Best In Thought, In Word, In Deed'

 Our Mission Statement


Our aim is to provide a Safe, Christian, Happy, Opportunity filled, Outward looking, Learning environment.


  • In a secure and stable environment, enabling all to grow and flourish.
    • Within safe structures and boundaries, both physically and educationally.
    • According to sound financial management.
    • In line with all contemporary legislation.


  • Following the example of Jesus Christ in learning about God and each other.
    • Within a culture of open acceptance to all religious belief and none.
    • Educating all pupils in a diversity of faiths, histories, traditions and cultures.


  • To provide an enjoyable, emotionally stable, caring and supportive learning environment where each child can develop to their full potential.
    • Promoting appropriate social and intellectual development through the example of staff, friends of the school, pupils and structured classroom activity.
    •  Praising good behaviour and not tolerating bullying.

Opportunity filled:

  • Providing pupils, staff, friends of the school, and governors with an excellent breadth of opportunities to fulfil their roles and contribute to the good of the whole school.
    • Being committed to the professional development of all staff.
    • Actively encouraging and supporting the development of extra curricula activities where appropriate.
    • Providing a breadth of technological resources.

Outward looking:

  • Consciously engaging with our local community and the wider world.
    • Promoting and supporting local links between the school, church and community.
    • Engaging with global issues and developing connections with other nations.

Learning Environment:

  • To learn as much as we can about ourselves, each other and the world.
    • Encouraging holistic learning for all pupils and staff
    • Exploring a broad and balanced curriculum
    • With excellent communication between parents and school
    • Enabling the pupils at Cheapside C of E School to be confident, knowledgeable and successful.


This is our school, helping us all to ACHIEVE OUR BEST!

This is displayed in our entrance hall along with photographs of the children.  Please take the opportunity to come and see it when you are next in school.