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In class today, we will be finishing our stories started yesterday.


When you have finished, please check your punctuation and edit your work (with a purple pen if you have one!)  Remember this means that you are looking to see if you can improve your writing in any way - this is almost always possible! 

For example:

  • Think about your vocabulary - can you improve any of the words you have used? Look for more interesting synonyms in a thesaurus (online or book). 
  • Could you start your sentences in different, more interesting ways, perhaps with an adverbial, for example 'Under the towering cliffs'?
  • Have you started EVERY sentence with a capital letter and also used capital letters for all your place names and names of people?
  • Have you used some extended noun phrases, using more than one adjective (describing word) to describe a noun and written commas between them?
  • Perhaps you would like to also illustrate your story!

Remember that editing and improving your work shows that you are becoming a thoughtful and mature writer smiley

I really look forward to reading your story when you return to school!