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Tuesday 25.1.22


Vocabulary - Chapter 2 - The Iron Man

Do you know the meaning of all these words?  Look up any you don't know in the dictionary.  Choose 5 words (ones that you didn't already know the meaning of if possible) and copy out their definitions from the dictionary. Write a sentence for each of the 5 words showing that you understand the meaning of these words.


(a) plough
(a) harrow
(an) axle
sneaking fear

Wednesday 26.1.22


Today is just a reading lesson.  Continue reading The Iron Man from the word BUT in Chapter 2 (halfway down p.2 on the document below) to the line 'In a moment the fox had vanished' near the top of p.5. 

Thursday 27.1.22


Today's task is to answer the following questions about what you have read in Chapter 2 so far.  You may need to look back through Chapter 2 to help you answer the questions.


To explain/To predict                                        
1. What was Hogarth doing when he first saw the Iron Man?
2. What had happened to the machinery?
3. How did Hogarth’s father manage to get away from the Iron Man?
4. What do you think the Iron Man would have done if Hogarth’s father hadn’t escaped?
5. Why did the farmers dig the hole?
6. What does Hogarth want to use the hole for?