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Friday 4th February 2022


We are continuing our work on diary writing today.  If you have completed your plan for your diary entry (see Wednesday's lesson below) then today you should begin writing your diary entry in full.  Remember to include all of the features that we have been working on:


  • First person
  • Writing mostly in the past tense
  • Including your feelings and emotions (or, rather, that of your character)
  • Varying the sentence openings by using prepositional phrases and fronted adverbials
  • Ensuring that your sentences are properly punctuated


Please make sure that in addition to your English tasks for the week, you have completed both of the tasks in Focused Reading if you are able to.

Thursday 3rd February 2022


Today we are taking a break from the diary writing and focusing on grammar.  


Complete the PowerPoint quiz about apostrophes for contractions and then complete the worksheet tasks.

Wednesday 2nd February 2022


Further to your work on your Girl and Robot diary entry yesterday, in today's lesson I would like you to plan a diary entry of your own choice.  You can choose a character that you would like to be from the following:


  • a character from a book you have read
  • a character from a film you have seen
  • yourself


You need to write a plan for your diary entry using pictures and key words to explain what your diary entry is going to be about.  Think carefully about what incident you want to retell and make sure it is clearly mapped out in your plan.

Tuesday 1st February 2022


In our lessons last week, we were looking again at writing diary entries.  We started writing our own entry as the girl from Girl and Robot.  I would like you to continue writing this entry including all the information from the film and also thinking about all the features of diary writing that we discussed in class:

  • first person (unless you're writing about someone else i.e. the robot)
  • past tense (mostly)
  • emotions and feelings
  • date/time/location
  • varying sentence openings e.g. start with prepositional phrases or fronted adverbials
  • check your use of punctuation - you still need full stops and capital letters but the writing might be a bit more informal than in some other text types

Happy writing!


Monday 31st January 2022


Today's lesson is our spelling lesson.  See if you can give yourself a spelling test on last week's spellings - the prefix dis-.  You can find the spellings on our class page under the Spellings Big Group Spring 1 icon - Spring 1 Test 4.


The new spellings for this week are all about the prefix un-.  Look at the PowerPoint below and complete the task on the last slide.  You can complete the Look, Cover, Write sheet each day.