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Focused Reading

We have finished reading The Iron Man now.  If you want to remind yourself of what happens in the story you can watch the summary using the link below.


Then, using the text below to help you, I would like you to draw a picture of the space-bat-angel-dragon.  Make sure that you ONLY include details that are in the text itself - don't add extra things.  When you have finished the drawing, I would like you to carefully label the picture using ONLY words taken from the text.  We have done similar tasks in class before so you should know what to do. :) 


. Terribly black, terribly scaly, terribly knobbly, terribly horned, terribly hairy, terribly clawed, terribly fanged, with vast indescribably terrible eyes, each one as big as Switzerland. There it sat, covering the whole of Australia, its tail trailing away over Tasmania into the sea, its foreclaws on the headlands of the Gulf of Carpentaria. Luckily, the mountains and hills propped its belly up clear of the valleys, and the Australians could still move about in the pitch darkness, under this new sky, this low queer covering, of scales. They crowded towards the light that came in along its sides.

The Iron Man By Ted Hughes School Animation

The Iron Man by Ted Hughes adapted by Year 4 at Sunnyhill Primary School, London. The children used pixilation techniques under a ceiling-height camera to r...