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Hello and welcome to your English task for today!


As you will remember, last week, you started work on finding some fantastic adjectives, linked to our work on 'The Stone Trolls'. 


Today, we are going to be focusing on words which describe the rocks and I'm also reminding you to include commas where you are writing a list of adjectives. 


1. For your enjoyment, please re-watch the below youtube video to remind yourself of the story of 'The Stone Trolls'.


2. Then, work through the Presentation I have provided below, completing the 3 challenges. Please don't worry about the work on adjectives on the left-hand bottom corner of Slide 2 - you have already done this. I have just included it, so that the photos can give you some inspiration for your task. Really try to find the most adventurous and effective vocabulary that you can. Use a thesaurus (book or online) to support you. 


Mrs Ryker :)


The Stone Trolls