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Read through the 2 versions of Jesus' Birth. Then make a list of the differences between the 2 accounts; putting them into 2 columns: things in Luke's version; things in Matthew's version.

Look at the Nativity Scene. What is in the picture that is not mentioned in either Luke's or Matthew's Version?

Nativity Scene

Now read through the enclosed webpage about the date of Jesus' birth. 

If the 2 versions of the story are different; the images we associate with Christmas include things that we don't know and Jesus wasn't born on 25th December does this make a difference? Can we learn from these stories even if they didn’t happen exactly as recorded?


Christians believe Jesus is the Incarnation of God on Earth - this means that they believe that Jesus is God in human form.


God gave Jesus to the Earth to show people how to lead good lives, forgive them for the things they do wrong and prove to them (through his resurrection) that there is life after death.


Use this information to complete the Activity Sheet below.