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As you know, we have been really enjoying learning about the Tudors. Your English Writing task for the whole of this week Monday-Thursday, is to produce a Non-Chronological, Non-Fiction Information Text about different aspects of Tudor Life. In case you return to school later in the week, I strongly suggest that you do not rush this and complete a page or so each day, so that you can then bring it into school to complete.


 A non-chronological report is a text which isn't written in time order. They are normally non-fiction texts which give information on a particular subject or event, without referring to the order in which things happen. This can be in the form of a leaflet; however for you at home, it might be easier to work on several pieces of paper, which you can then staple together as a booklet.

So, I would like your report to include, after the title and introduction, at least 5 of the following aspects of Tudor Life: 


  • A Title (underlined of course!) 

  • An Introduction, explaining what the report will be about. 

  • Tudor Homes 

  • Tudor Children – what life was like for them  

  • Tudor Clothes 

  • Tudor Sports and Games 

  • Tudor Crime and Punishment 

  • Tudor Health and Medicine 

  • Tudor Food and Drink 


After writing the title and introduction, perhaps you could work on one of the different aspects of Tudor Life on each of the days.  Each section should have a sub-heading and be underlined.  Leave a line between each section, like this: 


Tudor Children 

Not many children went to school in Tudor times. Those that did go were mainly the sons of……. 


Tudor Sports and Games 

Not everyone in Tudor society was allowed to play the same games – some were just for the nobility….. 


I have provided lots of information, documents and links for your research below.  Please try not to just copy large sections of text – really think about what you are writing and extract your information from different sources and then try to write it in your own words, as I would like this to be YOUR work.  

Please also include drawings and text boxes of facts, if you would like! Make it as interesting and colourful as possible.