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Wednesday 23.3.22


We are continuing our work on newspaper articles today.  Using the PowerPoint from yesterday to help you, look at the newspaper article below about the lottery winners and pick out all of the newspaper features.  Consider the following:


Headline (plus any features used in the headline like rhyme or alliteration)



The Five Ws

What tense has been used?

What person is it written in?

Does it contain direct speech? (Quotes from people involved.)

Fact or opinion?  How do you know?

Introductory and concluding paragraphs.  How do you know?


Neatly label all of these on the sheet.  If you can't print it out then just list what you notice under the headings above.  Use the example one to show you how to label the article.


Tuesday 22.3.22


This week we are working on writing Newspaper Reports.


Look through the PowerPoint below and then complete the sheets about the 5 Ws. 

The 5 Ws are the 5 things to remember to include in an introduction:






Monday 21.3.22


Today's lesson is our spelling lesson.  Look over last week's spellings (you can find them on the class page if you don't have them to hand) and have a mini-test at home to see how you've done.


Then, look through the PowerPoint all about this week's spellings and find the Look, Cover, Write sheet and the Word Search to do below.