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  • Please note - this is the task for tomorrow and Thursday, so your work needs to be done carefully over the two days. In class, we are writing a draft today and editing it, correcting mistakes and making improvements and tomorrow, we will be writing our final, polished version.
  • Watch the Volcanoes Compilation Video again!
  • Start to write a 'sensory' description of a volcano, in terms of what you can see, hear, smell, touch/feel and taste. All five senses should be included if possible.
  • You can use the download 'Type on Volcano Description Sheet' (below and type your workOR You can print off the attached document ('Write on Volcano Description Sheet ) to write on.
  • Try to start each sentence differently.
  • When you start writing about a new idea - perhaps leave a line and start a new paragraph.
  • Use a thesaurus (book or online) to improve each adjective you write - don't settle for words like 'big' or 'scary'.
  • You could even try using 'personification', as discussed in our lesson.  Remember - this is making something non-human appear alive with human characteristics. For example: 'The lava crept menacingly towards me, reaching out its fiery, glowing arms'
  • Please take time to read your work through, editing and improving as you go. 

**Please try to work as independently as possible, just as you would in class.  I would like to read your own writing and see your own ideas and spellings. 

Volcanic Eruption Compilation | Lava is Amazing 😮😮😮