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Focused Reading

Thursday 20th January 2022


Today I would like you to read the beginning of Chapter 2 of The Iron Man using the document below.


Read up to the word BUT three quarters of the way down the second page (don't be tempted to read any further...).


Now you will need two different coloured highlighters or pens/pencils.  Go back over the section you've just read and:


  • find every sentence that is a question and highlight it or underline it with one colour
  • find every sentence that is an exclamation and highlight it or underline it with the other colour


Top tip: All the questions will end with a question mark and all the exclamations will end with an exclamation mark.


Finally, go back to the beginning again and re-read the text.  This time read it out loud and every time you come to a sentence you've highlighted as a question I'd like you to whisper it and every time you come to a sentence you've highlighted as an exclamation I'd like you to shout it.


What is the effect of this?  Does it change your understanding of the text?

Wednesday 19.1.22



Look up the following words in the dictionary; they are all taken from Chapter 1 of The Iron Man.  Write out the definition for each word.  Remember if they have a suffix on them, try to find the word without the suffix e.g. if the word is gliding take off -ing and just look for glide.


hither and thither
speechless, earless, nothingness



What do you think will happen next in the book?

Explain why you think this.

Tuesday 18th January 2022


Today we are revisiting the work that we did in Friday's lesson. Many of you paraphrased or created your own words to describe the Iron Man instead of only using the words which were in the text.  Look at the text again below and pick out the exact phrases and words which describe the Iron Man - copy these out exactly.  DO NOT PUT IT INTO YOUR OWN WORDS.


Taller than a house, the Iron Man stood at the top of the cliff, on the very

brink, in the darkness.

The wind sang through his iron fingers. His great iron head, shaped like a

dustbin but as big as a bedroom, slowly turned to the right, slowly turned to the left.

His iron ears turned, this way, that way. He was hearing the sea. His eyes, like

headlamps, glowed white, then red, then infrared, searching the sea. Never before had the Iron Man seen the sea.


Now write some of your own sentences - they can be to describe anything you like e.g. an animal, a house, a dinosaur, a meal.  Now see if you can draw what you have described following your own description and labelling it accurately.