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Good afternoon!

Today, we are continuing our exploration of Rocks. This week, we are looking at Grouping Rocks according to their properties. This is a tricky lesson to do at home, because it's unlikely you'll have all the different types of rock needed for the experiment.

Nevertheless, I would like you to participate in this lesson as much as possible!

Task Instructions:

  1. Please follow the youtube link below to watch the short video on Rocks, to remind you of the different types of rocks.
  2. Then, work through the PowerPoint Presentation, looking at the different ways in which we can describe the properties of rocks.
  3. If you do happen to have any different types of rock available, you can still join in with the experiment, but please don't worry if you don't! For example, to see how permeable a rock is, dribble a small amount of water on it to see if it passes through. To see how durable a rock is, rub it with some sandpaper to see if any flakes off. Finally, to check the density of a rock, put it in some water to see if it floats or sinks. 
  4. Then, use the activity sheet to record any findings - I suggest using the 2nd 3* sheet please.
  5. Have fun!

Rocks - Year 3