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This term our theme is Dreams and Goals.


Everyone has dreams or goals that they wanted to achieve. Dreams and Goals do need to be realistic: it's no good having a dream to be a professional footballer if you don't play the game!


Pretend that your goal or dream is like a balloon. Sometimes blowing up a balloon can be difficult: e.g. you can't get it started; you get distracted; you like someone else’s balloon more; you can only blow it up a little or way too much and it pops!


Will your dream come true and will you ever meet their goal if you give up? Sometimes you need help to blow up a balloon and you may need to try several times before you are able to fill your balloon but you keep going until they reach their goal. 


Look at the picture below and think why a rollercoaster is a bit like having a Dream or Goal?


Write a brief explanation of this analogy.