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Kitchen Science


We recently started the Kitchen Science escape room in class. Please find the challenge included below for you to complete.


Escape the Kitchen

It is the school holidays and you are visiting your aunt. You have a school science project to complete during the school break so you decide to do it at your aunt’s house.


Your aunt works for a very famous technology company and her house is full of computerised gadgets. Her kitchen is no exception.


The experiment you are doing is about separating mixtures. “Okay, Daya,” you command the computer in charge of the house. “Turn on the hob.”


“Locking all kitchen windows,” says the computerised voice.


“No, Daya!” you exclaim. “Turn on the hob.”


“Locking the kitchen door,” answers the computer. 



This irreversible reaction involves coke and mentos.


If you try this you definitely do it outside, it’s VERY messy and sticky.


Follow the links below for guidance.