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Victorian Inventions


Look at the PowerPoint presentation enclosed below.


Slide 1: Thinks about any major inventions that happened in Victorian Times.

Slide 2: Here are a few of the most important inventions that occurred during Queen Victoria's reign.  Choose the one that you think is the most important and write down your reasons why.


Slides 3 & 4: Dragon's Den. This is TV program where inventors 'pitch' their ideas to some wealthy investors ('Dragons'). They are trying to persuade the Dragons to invest (give money to them) in their business idea. 


Looking at these Victorian Inventions, decide which of these inventions would have been the best idea to gain support and why? Write down your argument for your chosen invention.


Try to 'sell' your idea to an adult at home. What was the outcome?


Slide 5 (Plenary - reviewing the learning from the lesson): What have you learnt during this process? When might you use these skills again?

Victorian Invention Timing Worksheet

Now try to sort these Victorian Inventions into their appropriate time period.