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Week beginning 10th January 2022

Talk about winter and what happens to the weather and animals.  Use the powerpoint to discuss together what we might see in winter.  Talk about the clothes we might wear.  Cut out and stick onto the suitcase clothes that would be suitable for travelling to a cold place.  Write some words to say what the pictures are.  Remember to use your sounds. You can try and write a sentence too.  E.g, I will pack ...


Don't forget to use fingerspaces, capital letter and a fullstop.



On Tuesday afternoon we started our topic on 'Celebrations,' by looking at pictures of ways in which we mark the coming of the New Year eg. fireworks in London and listening to the song 'Auld Lang Syne' (see Makaton version:; which is about New Year and friendships. 

Please read/listen to the poem:-

Hooray! Hooray! It’s New Year’s Day! 
The day we start anew. 
So this year I’ve decided 
to become a kangaroo. 

Or maybe I will learn to fly, 
Or how to walk through walls, 
Or how to turn invisible, 
Or surf on waterfalls. 

I’ll make myself elastic 
And I’ll teach myself to shrink. 
I’ll turn into a liquid 
And I’ll pour me down the sink. 

I’ll visit other planets 
And meet aliens galore. 
I’ll travel to the distant past 
And ride a dinosaur. 

I’ve got so many wondrous plans. 
I’m starting right away. 
Yes, this will be the best year yet. 
Hooray! It’s New Year’s Day! 

                                         By Kenn Nesbitt 

Please think of your own ideas if you could do ANYTHING! You could draw/write it.


Then think of things that you would like to achieve this year (eg. get better at swimming or writing or reading or riding a bike without stabilisers).

Draw a picture of this New Year's resolution and think how you can succeed.


This links to our Jigsaw PSHE unit this term: Dreams and goals.

The first verse of the song 'For me' is :-

I, I will be, I will be,

Be the best that I can be.

Yes you'll see,

I will be,

Be the best that I can be.

Take your turn,

You can do it too!

This week we are starting our topic 'Out of this World', starting with the Polar regions.  Have a look through the powerpoint and have a go at writing a simple sentence about the pictures on the writing template.  Your sentence could start with 'I can see a ...

Watch the Numberblocks video 'Holes' and discuss together what you saw in the video.  Talk about number 5 losing one block down the hole.  Use the language 'First there were 5 blocks, then 1 block fell down the hole and now there are 4 blocks left.' 


Get the 10 frame (or draw one on a piece of paper) and some counters.  Go through a few examples on the powerpoint using the language, FIRST there was..., THEN and NOW there are...Use the 10 frame for place the counters on and then take them away to leave the answer.  Place the counters on the 10 frame starting on the top row and filling the spaces from left to write. 


The children do not have to write a number sentence but you could write it for them and talk through it.