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Children's Mental Health Week - 1-7 February.

Please find below a selection of resources added this week to support parents and children with mental health. We hope you find them useful. 

CAMHs (Child, Adult Mental Health Services) Highlands have produced some great helpful top tips for Parents/Carers for Child Mental Health week. These might help support some of our children our there and you as parents/carers.
This infographic is particularly helpful for parents who are struggling with their child's emotions and behaviours. It's also easy to apply in our own lives. We all need to start thinking about our emotional cup and how to fill it up again.

January 2021 - wellbeing information and support

Helping children to understand social distancing

    Supporting Family Life

The documents below contain information on high-quality resources to support family life and parenting, with advice on keeping children entertained, looking after everyone’s mental health and where to turn for extra help, including confidential helplines


There are also practical ideas on how to incorporate the Five Ways to Wellbeing into family life to support children and young people through these challenging times.


There are also lists lots of useful self-help apps and websites and a range of resources, including helplines, to support young people with their mental health.

Supporting my child' wellbeing - what can I do?

 CBBC - Operation Ouch Special Episode - suitable for KS2

 CBeebies - Get Well Soon Coronavirus - suitable for KS1 and Reception


In the 'Operation Ouch'  episode, Dr Chris, Dr Xand and Dr Ronx explore the science behind the current Coronavirus pandemic, answering lots of questions along the way about why the outbreak occurred, what the virus does to your body, and how patients are being treated. We suggest you watch these episodes with your child so you can also address any questions they might be thinking about. Again, use this if you feel it would be helpful for your child.


The 'Get Well Soon Coronavirus' programme is suitable for KS1 and Reception children. In the episode Dr Ranj explains coronavirus to his puppet Jobi. They also sing a song about washing your hands.

The guide below contains lots of useful self-help apps and websites and a range of resources, including helplines, to support young people with their mental health.

Covid-19 Time Capsule


Below you will find all the printables you need if you wanted to create your own 2020 Covid-19 Time Capsule. This year will go down in history as a year where the world changed because of Coronavirus COVID-19. Our lives have changed dramatically since restrictions have come into place to minimise the spread of the virus, and the world will undoubtedly be different when we get to the other side.

To help your children mark this historical moment in time, and provide an opportunity for children to talk about their feelings at this time, then a time capsule might be a useful activity to think about.

Support groups - Advice from IAS (Information, Advice and Support Service for children, young people and Parents.



John Cross challenge videos have moved to their own dedicated sub page! The videos can be found by clicking on the hedgehog icon above. Please continue to take a look at the videos and have a go at the challenges.

New digital book about Coronavirus for children

Axel Sheffler has illustrated a digital book for  primary school aged children, free to anyone to read on screen or print out about the coronavirus and the measures taken to control it. Published by Nosy Crows and written by staff within the company, the book has had expert input. There is a suggestion at the back of the book, that families might make a donation to help our health service if they find the book useful. The book can be read and/or downloaded using the link below.

Supporting children and young people with worries about covid-19

 Anxiety around Covid-19, where can I access support?


Please see below links to websites that you might find helpful.

Explaining Coronavirus to children and young people

        Support materials that can be used to explain why someone gets coronavirus. These have been 

          provided by Elsa support Uk.

Mental health resources

  • Young Minds: coronavirus/
  • Mind guides to planning for staying at home or indoors, taking care of your mental health and wellbeing and a checklist re: are you ready to stay at home?
  • Advice for young people, parents, carers, schools and colleges about what each one of us can do to support the wellbeing of those in our lives. Includes self-care activities which you can do at home: network/coronavirus/
  • Autism and the Corona virus- 20 tips: tips/