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Daily Maths fluency

Please see the link on Monday's page.

Maths - Efficient Subtraction

Link to video:


English - The River by Valerie Bloom


  1. Try to think of as many adjectives as you can to describe a river. How many can you get? For example: peaceful, winding, calm, cold…
  2. Valerie Bloom compares a river to a wanderer/winder/hoarder. What could you compare a river to? Try to think of at least 5 different things. if you are stuck, try to think of different jobs or activities the river could do – a painter/a doctor/ a swimmer.
  3. Did you notice that the poem rhymes? Which lines rhyme? How many pairs of rhyming words can you think of? Try to get as many as you can!
  4. Keep this work safe for tomorrow’s lesson.

PE - The floor is lava laugh



10mins Spelling practice – see purple mash

10mins Times tables practice -TTRS

20mins Reading