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Nightingales - Year 3

Fishkeeper Fry!

As your child may already have told you, we had a bit of excitement on Friday morning, with a visit from Stuart Ashley of Maidenhead Aquatics.  We are most privileged, as Stuart happens to be the dad of a Year 3 pupil and heads up the 8-week 'Fishkeeper Fry' Programme. This is an interactive learning programme, supporting National Curriculum Primary Science themes with the sole purpose of developing the next generation of responsible fishkeepers! In Friday's fascinating session, Stuart explained about the different types of fish and what the children would be learning about over the weeks. With the help of a video, the children learned how to Set up an Aquarium. Stuart then set up the aquarium in prime position in the classroom, complete with accessories! Our first fishy visitors will be arriving in a couple of weeks but until then, we need to test the water to ensure that the environment is safe for the fish. There will be plenty of opportunity for the children to participate in the testing and feeding process each week, as well as completing written activities.  We will be covering topics such as: Water Testing and Plants, Adding Fish and Feeding them, Cleaning the Filter and Holiday Care, Water Change, Algae and How Fish Breathe, Good Food and Digestion and How do fish breed and what have we learned? In addition, a child will be awarded 'Fishkeeper of the Week'.

We are all very excited and thank Stuart very much for enabling us to take part in the programme! Do keep an eye on this page for more fishy updates over the coming weeks.  In the meantime, here is a little slideshow of photos to whet your appetite:

Reading Bliss!

This young lady crafted a super comfy reading den during her absence from school. She has read lots of the Treehouse collection books so far and no doubt many more to come! 

Happy Reading!


Science - Rocks 17.1.22

This term, the children are learning all about Rocks!

Today, we embarked on a full-scale investigation of grouping Rocks according to their properties. Before starting the experiment, the children made predictions and wrote their method. We also talked about what a 'Fair Test' is. They then worked in small groups with 7 different types of rock to determine the permeability, the durability and the density of each.  They then decided whether each rock was hard or soft. Please look at the slideshow of photos below to see how brilliantly the children worked, as they made their discoveries!

HAPPY 2022!

Thank you so very much for all the incredible gifts I received for Christmas, both individual and collective.  I loved opening them on Christmas morning and am overwhelmed by your kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity! 

I am really looking forward to welcoming the children back into school for this Spring Term - we have lots of exciting learning in store!

Also, Mrs Hine has asked me to send her heartfelt thanks for the very generous gifts she received from yourselves and the children.  She wishes you all a very Happy New Year!

Please find some information about the Spring Term below.

Wishing you all a very Happy and Healthy New Year,

Mrs Ryker laugh


Dear Nightingales and Parents

First of all, may I say an enormous thank you for all the extremely generous gifts that you and the children have so kindly given me. They look very festive under my Christmas Tree!


What an absolutely wonderful term it has been! The fantastic children in Nightingale Class have all worked so hard, so happily and with such amazing commitment. In line with the other KS2 classes, I have not set any formal homework over the holiday. If the children wish to keep their maths ticking over, I suggest going onto Times Tables Rockstars to keep practising. You will also have received an email with ideas for Christmas Reading ideas.


I hope that you all have a fantastic break with some real downtime and here's to a healthy and Happy New Year. Merry Christmas to you all!


Love and Best Wishes 

Mrs Ryker smiley



I'd like to welcome all parents, carers and children to the Nightingale Class Page and also to the brand new school year! 

On this page you will find lots of relevant information, documentation, as well as news and photos of what the children have been doing in class. 

The children have managed their transition from KS1 into KS2 brilliantly and are settling in very well to their new class in Year 3. We look forward to a very happy and successful year. smiley

Kindest wishes

Mrs Ryker


Meet the Teacher


Hello all!

Thank you so much for finding the time to attend my 'Meet the Teacher' Zoom session - I hope you found it interesting and informative. 

The PowerPoint I used is included below, as well as other information/documents (including some brilliant book suggestions!) that I hope you find useful.


Many thanks

Mrs Ryker

Iron Age Crimewatch AD50! Who killed the 52 bodies at Maiden Castle? Dec '21

As a culmination to their fabulous History topic this term, the Nightingales became detectives to solve the Iron Age mystery. They were given just the briefest of background information before being let loose to explore the evidence. 

The children worked really well, collaborating and discussing the evidence before deciding on which was the most likely theory!


DT in the Forest - December 2021


Our DT task this term was linked to our topic of 'Stone Age to the Iron Age'.  In small groups, the children first designed a Stone Age Shelter with a diagram.  They had to think carefully about how they could build a stable and strong structure using natural materials as far as possible.  Then was the issue of ensuring that the shelter would be waterproof, windproof and warm. 

The Nightingales then had a brilliant morning in the forest, working collaboratively, taking turns and problem-solving. They sourced the materials for their shelters and then built them. You can see the results in the slideshow below!

The children then evaluated their work using the questions:

What worked well? What could you have done to improve your shelter?

History - 9.12.21

The children have been learning all about the Bronze Age for the last couple of weeks.  Today, the children became archaeologists as they explored pictorial evidence of Bronze Age artefacts at 10 stations! They had to decide the following:

  • What the item might have been used for
  • What sort of person might have owned an item like this
  • What materials it might be made from

Please see photos below!

This month, we had a visit from our Road Safety Officer, who led a very informative and vitally important session for Nightingale Class. You will have seen the reflective bag of goodies the children brought home, including an activity booklet. 

Please could the children bring these booklets in on Monday 13th December, whether or not they have bee completed, as we will be doing an evaluation session on that day.

Many thanks


Mrs Ryker smiley

French - October 2021

The children have really enjoyed their first French topic and have taken brilliantly to the language! They have learned all about how to greet people, saying their name and ask and say how they are feeling. 'Les couleurs' have also been learned! As an end of topic treat, the children tucked into pains au chocolat - yum!  

National Poetry Day - October 2021

In Nightingale Class, we enjoyed reading the poems 'From a Railway Carriage' and 'My Shadow' (to tie in with our Science topic!), both by Robert Louis Stevenson, in unison as a class.

Linking to our work on 'Fantastic Mr Fox' this term, we also wrote shape poems in Mr Fox's tail - please click on the brilliant examples below!

Science Investigation! 28.9.21

The children had fun with their science investigation this week! In our 'Light and Dark' topic, we have been looking at whether objects or materials are transparent, translucent or opaque.  

Today, we also learned how shadows are formed and we investigated whether different translucent, opaque and transparent materials and objects cast dark or light shadows or no shadows at all.  See some pictures from our session below! :)


Roald Dahl Day - 13th September 2021

What a fantastic day we had! The children started with Roald Dahl colouring and word searches, before moving on to learning all about the life of Roald Dahl himself. We then talked about the different types of characters in his stories and the children created their own 'Dahl-esque' hero or villain. A large part of Roald Dahl's style is, of course, captured in his humour so we then enjoyed listening to some of his jokes and also a few of his Revolting Rhymes, which turn traditional fairy tales into something a little more quirky with a twist! The children enjoyed watching an animation of 'The Enormous Crocodile' version. 

The BFG captures dreams in a jar and he blows the good dreams into children's bedrooms with his dream pipe. The children drew and write about their dreams in a jar. We also had a True or False Quiz to see what the children had learned.

Then it was onto 'Gobblefunk' - the ridiculous and often hilarious words created by Roald Dahl. The Nightingales used the 'Gobblefunk Generator' to create their own words and also created their own Roald Dahl names!

It was all great fun and much enjoyed by all. The children - a collection of Matildas, Sophies, Red Riding Hood, James and the Giant Peach, a couple of Esio Trots, a BFG and several others - all looked incredible in their costumes! Thank you so much to all parents and children for your wonderful efforts - the dressing up really enhanced the day.

Please see below for a slideshow of the photographs taken on the day.