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Daily Maths fluency

Please see the link on Monday's page.

Maths - Checking Strategies

Link to video:

English - The River by Valerie Bloom

Today I would like you to write up your poem so we can stick it into your topic book (please bring this to school with you next week, we will quarantine it before it is stuck in)

Some examples of how you might like to present it are below.

Topic - River uses

How do we use rivers? How many ways can you think of?

Have a look at the PowerPoint below to discover the many different ways we use rivers and how important they are.


Your task is to create an A4 poster which tells us what rivers are used for and why they are important.


Please bring this back to school to be stuck into your topic book (We will quarantine it before it is stuck in)


Be as creative as you like.

10mins Spelling practice (same spellings from half term)

10mins Times tables practice -TTRS

20mins Reading